Glyph 3D


Glyph3D is a font atlas generation tool. It enables game developers / artists to create beautiful font atlas maps using various filter effects.

Use the powerful filter system to add special fx on your glyphs Choose from hundreds of free google webfonts, or drop your own font Apply pattern overlays to add that extra detail Apply gradients using a powerful gradient editor Export sprites along with the font atlas Preview your font atlas on various 3D viewports Export the atlas and its script on various formats Export Kerning information Flexible UI lets you rearrange the layout Work on multiple documents at the same time Inbuilt IDE helps you develop your exporter plugins


Apply different special effects on the glyphs using the various available filter styles, like gradients, pattern overlays, color overlay, stroke, shadows, glow etc. Save custom filter templates and reuse them on different fonts


Export the atlas image and the accompanying script file on the various supported formats. Kerning information for each glyph is also available to the exporters. New exporter scripts can be developed using the online IDE to export to a custom game engine format

3D Preview

Preview the font in a 3D viewport without having to leave the tool. This provides an immediate visual feedback on how the font might look like in your game



Font Atlas Generation

The user friendly interface allows you to quickly drop in a font, apply special effect filters and export the atlas image and script in the desired format. Support for undo / redo is available for all operations


Filter Effect System

Add a chain of filters to modify the looks of the glyphs. The filter system enables you to stack multiple filters on top of each other and re-arrange them to get the desired effect. Different types of filters like Stroke, Shadows, Color Overlay, Gradient Overlay, Pattern Overlays etc are available


Font Explorer

Choose from more than 600 open source webfonts from Google's webfont repository. These fonts are released under opensource licenses which you can use in your commercial products. Be sure to review the license before using in your commercial project
Alternatively, you can drop in an existing font file (*.ttf) from your computer on to the tool. Again, review the license of the font before using it.


Sprite Sheets

Export sprites along with your atlas. Just drop in images from your computer on to the document to have it included in the atlas


3D Preview

Preview your atlas in a 3D viewport in realtime. This gives you a good idea of how the font might look like in your game, without having to leave the tool.
This makes you more productive by avoiding the tedious workflow of repeatedly exporting from the tool, then importing it into your game just to view how it looks in 3D
Multiple scenes that might be used in games are provided



Export the Atlas texture image and its accompanying script in various formats



Export kerning information of the glyphs. This information is extracted directly from the TTF tables


Multiple Document Interface

Work on mutiple atlas documents at the same time


Exporter Development

Build your own exporters with the built-in IDE by defining a XSLT transformer to convert the input data model to the desired format. The IDE lets you run and preview the transformed result